What are the main components of video production?

Production involves gathering all the equipment and personnel needed to complete the video project. During pre-production, the director must determine specific equipment and personnel needs, such as cameras, sound equipment and actors. A production director coordinates the entire filming process. At this stage, the video will lack elements such as graphics, titles, visual effects, color correction and sound effects, but it will be easier to manipulate if any changes need to be made.

All platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) have slightly different specifications for optimal video playback. When it comes to videography, capturing video of an interviewee or event is more spontaneous and is usually primarily controlled by the person behind the camera. This task is performed by a technician on a computer after recording the images, while video production is the general process carried out by a team of experts who collaborate to capture, process and edit the images for the finished video. Although they are not necessarily produced online, many video production tools allow video production without actually using a physical camera.

Then, they'll assemble the story and the video editor will do its magic to put all the pieces together. There are feature films that have been captured by a team of only 2 people and corporate videos in which teams of 10 or more people participate. Before you start planning the next phases, consider factors such as the smaller objectives of the video, the target demographic group, where the video will be broadcast, your budget, and the metrics you'll use to track the reach and response of the video. Some companies choose to produce business videos to simplify the process of sharing their mission and purpose on their website or social networks, or as a tool for recruiting specialized staff on LinkedIn or other professional platforms.

Infomercials are usually much more motivated by sales than other types of videos and can be used to detail a product or service. The most common include film and television production, television commercials, Internet advertisements, corporate videos, product videos, customer testimonial videos, marketing videos, event videos, wedding videos. Lighting has the power to set the tone of the video and can make the difference between poorly recorded images and a good shot. The contrasting element between video production and film production is simply the means used to achieve the final result.

Different production companies and cameramen may have different processes, but the bottom line is that this process allows video teams to have a predictable pace, reliable results and ensure quality and responsibility. Nowadays it seems that everyone has a website video, a local video found on their website to introduce their company, explain a product or service and attract a visitor to stay longer.

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