What is media production?

Multimedia production is the art of telling visual stories through film and sound. Multimedia production students learn the basic skills to record, produce and edit videos, as well as the basics of lighting and sound production. Production processes in all media industries have been developed to reflect the needs of professionals. Audience participation, consumption, reception and the requirement to work with constraints such as time, budget and skills are fundamental to the media production process.

The process identifies discrete stages that provide the framework for multimedia production applicable to all multimedia formats. The stages of the process should not be seen as static or linear, but rather are iterative and interrelated. The basis of the media production process is continuous analysis, reflection and evaluation that require critical, creative and reflective thinking. Media production can promote and deepen knowledge of the constructed nature of all media, one of the key concepts of media literacy.

The future of audiovisual media production could be considered more dynamic and even more flexible as it is today. If one or more business models are developed in such a way that the production of new media becomes an economically viable medium, the parties mutually recognize that future agreements must reflect that fact. With all of the above in mind, it is clear that media and audiovisual production professionals must understand how media industries work, how they are evolving, what direction they are taking and their impact on the audience. Multimedia productions refer to any audiovisual production, such as cinema, theater or music, that aims to be played on a screen or any other multimedia device.

Annotations can be added to the production design plan in relation to media codes and conventions and any changes in production design. At this stage, other multimedia products are investigated to analyze media codes and conventions, genre, style and location, context and the time when the production occurred.

Lorena Moates
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